Added uncensored versions

Added uncut versions. If you downloaded previously and installed the patch, it's the same thing.


May 22, 2018
Love_ribbon-1.2-Uncensored (mac)
May 22, 2018

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Does the Itch Version of the Game come with a Steam Key?

Review of the game:

The game's story is compelling, i'll give you that. Really makes you think about the borders of relationship. First taboo relationship was mix race relationships. Then it was gay relationships. Next was incestuous relationship. At first it was really weird reading through their relationship but as time passed on, I can see what the writer's intention on the story. Idk what's the new topic  in the future, maybe it's human-robots relationship.

I like how the story plays out but the ending was a bit lame. "SPOILERS" They got back together. I don't like that ending maybe because it was predictable. 
Also Zoey is a bad person to have a relationship with because I wouldn't trust anything what she talk about cuz when things go bad, she always runs away from her problems, running away 2 times already after promising not to leave. what the fuck Zoey? Also Iris was a bit clingy during their breakup and it was annoying at some times. I guess if you're too conservative, this game isn't for you. Why are you even play it then?

Overall, cute lesbian love story with incest element. 8/10-IGN

How to dw?

unable to install uncensored version via interface. the download fails.