Added uncensored versions

Downloads for the uncensored versions were added. If you previously downloaded and applied the patch, it's the same thing.


Wolf Tails-v1.2- Uncensored
May 22, 2018
Wolf Tails-v1.2- Uncensored (mac)
May 22, 2018

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i cant seem to download the uncensored version. i will click download, but it seems to cancel itself. what do i do?

Is GDrive blocked in your country, or internet issues? If it's not working try the regular version and apply patch off my site:

(see 18+ section below)

Please lmk if issue persists

your game wolf tails was amazing i loved it i wish there were more like it or maybe a sequal it would make me very happy

Hello, I hope you're doing well but I was wondering are you still working on "Lets Seduce the Heroine"?